Build your identity graph

We help you to build your identity graph

Does it make sense to build your own identity graph?

YES, if you want to personalise your message on your own media or paid media to get better conversions

YES, if you want to optimise your media spend: having your own identity graph allows you to improve your returning on adversing spend

YES, if you want to improve attribution


Build up your own first-party Identity graph

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How to build your own identity graph?

Teavaro helps you to identify your clients through 5 different identifications:

Teavaro conexion

Login Identification

Teavaro’s Login Identification Solution links the first-party cookie saved on a device to a login identifier (like a username or email address) when a person logs in through an app, self-service portal, or e-shop. This makes it possible to connect the identity to the customer’s CRM or loyalty program data.

Teavaro’s Login Identification Solution

Self- Identification

Teavaro’s Self-Identification Solution links a user’s cookie with their identifier, such as email, to associate with an existing profile or gather more information. If returning, they may be asked to provide login info to connect their identity with CRM or loyalty program data.

Click Identification

Teavaro’s Click-Ident Solutions enable you to transfer a digital identity from one channel to another. With every click, such as from email to web or app to web, you can increase the number of identified and addressable users.

Click Identification

Cross-domain Identification

Teavaro’s solution recognizes customers across multiple sites and combines them into one comprehensive audience using their login information.
This allows you to connect visitors across different domains, even if they haven’t logged in before.

Cross-domain Identification

Network Identification

When a user accesses a company’s mobile website without logging in, their IP address is used to identify them. A cookie is then placed and connected to their customer profile. This technique is commonly used by network providers or partners and cannot be avoided by the user.

Network Identification

Why Teavaro's Identity graph is the best
option for you?

Digital identification methods

Teavaro provides the platform and know-how to build your identity graph bases on user consent and proven digital identification methods to create real value.

Accurate and complete identity graph

Our platform provide you with everything necessary to maintain your identity graph and ensure that it stays accurate and gets more complete over time.

Accurate and complete identity graph

Your corporate asset

We help you to build your own identity graph as a corporate asset that is under your full control especially from a privacy perspective.

Integration for your Martech stack

Our identity graph can be easily integrated and it´s a booster for your existing MarTech stack.

Integration for your Martech stack

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