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Thought Leadership combined with Practical Implementation Experience
Digital Transformation Consulting
Data-Driven Omnichannel Marketing
Customer Data Ecosystems
Customer Data Privacy & Security

Digital transformation consulting with customer focus

For most traditional companies, customer data is the cornerstone of their new business models, whether that is data-driven, platform- or subscription-based. A data-rich opt-in customer base becomes the source of competitive advantage as it cannot be easily copied. We help to define new business models, roadmap and accompany the implementation. Our focus is how to strategically build and leverage permission-based customer data assets and create a culture of data acquisition.

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Defining and Implementing a 1st Party Customer Data Strategy & Implementing Monetisation Partnerships
Evaluation of New Digital Business Models, Prioritisation and Defining an Implementation Roadmap
Assessing the Opportunities of Consumer IoT from a Consumer Data Perspective

Data-Driven Omnichannel Marketing

Retailers and Brands need to meet the customers at the moments that matter to them, taking into account that most customers start their journey online but purchase off-line. We use a customer engagement lifecycle model to analyse, set up and design omnichannel customer journeys:

  1. Be Aware: In this phase the consumer recognises a need and learns how to satisfy that need. Companies can support the consumer in providing ideas.
  2. Interact: Once the need is realised and ideas are gathered, consumers approach brands and request more information or concrete offers. Consumers want to be sure they are getting the best offer.
  3. Choose: In this final stage of the buying process the consumer selects concrete products or services, orders and receives them. Once the consumer has decided to buy in principle, it is important to provide a frictionless shopping experience.
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Set up a Cross-Device Identification Strategy and Reporting
Strategy to promote Own Media Usage (website, mobile app)
Strategy to engage Existing Customers on Online Channels including Search, Video and Social
Defining a Vendor Strategy for the Walled Gardens of Facebook and Google
Strategy for Omnichannel Identification and Engagement of Existing Customers and Prospects
Review or Design of a Marketing-Tech Architecture against a 1st Party Data Strategy

Customer Data Ecosystems

In our view, Advertisers and Publishers have a great opportunity to collaborate in a digital world by providing relevant content during customer engagement. Reaching customers when and where they spend their time becomes the main driver for success. Although the opportunity is great, business models and technical challenges need to be overcome for these collaborations to work. We help to set up partnerships and build ecosystems between advertisers and publishers that have the potential of creating new marketplaces. We believe the old adtech world – based in third party cookie synchronisation – will become obsolete and it is time to shape the industry rather than being swept away by the digital tsunami that is approaching.

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Defining a New Offering to Advertisers from a Publisher Group
Defining a Bilateral Data Partnership between a Consumer Brand and a Publisher Group
Defining an Advertiser Publisher Ecosystem for People-Based Marketing

Customer Data Privacy & Security

The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) comes into effect in May 2018, with threats of fines up to 4% of global revenues. We can help assess the implications for marketing, whether it is about consent for using CRM data or tracking data for marketing purposes. We believe the focus should not just be on regulatory compliance but the opportunity companies are offered to build the relationship with their customers actively, asking for permissions in return for a great service.

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Privacy Impact Assessment of Profiling Data for Marketing Purposes
Defining a Bilateral Data Partnership between a Consumer Brand and a Publisher Group