Introducing FunnelConnect®

Customer Data Platform

FunnelConnect® consists of:


ID-Graph and hierarchy to link and manage multiple deterministic and probabilistic identifiers and the platform’s unified profile and device-level identifiers.


A client’s proprietary marketing ID with fully configurable characteristics to control all requirements of regulatory compliance and data use.


DataAction Hub and APIs to manage IDs, attributes, consents, real-time data access, inline targeting and attribution.

A hand holding a transparent device

Truly connect with your customers

FunnelConnect® is the real-time processing engine of Teavaro’s customer data platform. Designed with data security and compliance at its core, and with the capability to handle enterprise-level processing needs with real-time speeds.

key benefits
FunnelConnect's Core Features
Data Privacy & Security
Smart User Identification
Marketing Middleware Integration
Customer Data Activation
Event-Level Data Capture