Profile-Level Control of your Data Assets


Day-to-day management of your marketing activities

Profile Tester

Allowing marketers to refine engagement throughout the marketing funnel, the profile tester provides full control over identifiers and attributes to test customer experiences and NBAs.

Segment Builder

Once customer experiences are defined, the segment builder can be used to build and define audiences – according to data attributes and compliance – for your marketing activities.

Campaign Activator

Activating these segments with your marketing partners and stack technologies, the campaign activator links intended audiences to defined marketing campaigns.

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Control your user engagement strategy

FunnelManager® is a growing suite of tools that provide marketers with the control they need to set, test and activate customer experiences across multiple channels. With profile-level access, engagement can be optimised and automated through chosen delivery partners.

key benefits
Control over your customer data profiles
Secure user interface
Testing and Profile Management
End-to-End Campaign Management