Onsite Personalisation

Personalise users web and app experience even if the users are not logged in

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Your website should turn visitors into customers and your homepage and landing pages are the first impression they have from you. Although the needs and wants are different from one customer to another, without Identity Resolution every visitor sees the same information

Personalise the experience of users

Step 2.

Thanks to Teavaro solution you can identify your customer

Step 1.


The more personal the connection between your website and your customers, the more likely it is to convert. Transform the customer experience by offering personalised content, even when they are not logged-in, on your media, website, or app.


of consumers said they’re more likely to purchase from a brand that personalises experiences


Personalisation leaders were nearly twice as likely to have exceeded revenue goals compared to brands with low personalisation capabilities

Case Study

Real case of our client in the retail industry:

How identity resolution collects more than twice the number of page and product views against known customers, enabling more personalised content based on customer information

Client Situation:

The client is a multi-brand multi-category company with different domains. They already had a “simple” identity resolution solution in place, by linking customer login information to the first party cookie on the website. In 30 days the client could resolve 6.9 million identities. This allowed the client to resolve 15% of the page views

Introducing our Identity Resolution Methods:

When the client introduced our multi-domain identity resolution methods leveraging the login information from another website. Our customer identify 26% more clients (8.7 instead of 6.9 million identities). Even more impressive was that the number of resolved page views grows from 71 to 167 million an increase of 135% bringing the resolution of page views up from 15% to 35%.
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Onsite Personalisation

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