Enabling personalised engagement with Teavaro CDP

our focus

Connecting your customers to the best marketing experience

Teavaro’s CDP provides a single customer view and interfaces to Campaign Audience Management, Analytics (including ML) and Reporting solutions as a basis for consistent engagement through multiple channels & engagement types.
  • Easy integration with your existing media channels, data sources, and marketing stack.
  • End-to-end tools to test and monitor personalisation strategies.
  • Highly performant and scalable by design.
  • Proven to provide speed to Large Enterprises.
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three core areas

Teavaro’s CDP offers the solution to these personalisation challenges

Data Activation for "Next Best Action"

Simple activation of response & context data  in both real-time and batch provides the basis for improved engagement experiences and personalised marketing.

Single Customer View

Data ingestion and attribution facilitate improved audience understanding cross-device, -domain and -channel for holistic engagement from a unified profile.

Omnichannel Engagement with Creative Content

Simple integration with ad servers, personalisation engines, any push messaging, and interactive voice and chat bots across apps, web, push and assisted channels.