Identity Resolution:

Teavaro’s Identity Resolution Platform offers a real-time 1st party ID Graph, seamlessly integrating with your MarTech and AdTech systems. Harness the industry’s finest in visitor identification and ID stitching for unmatched accuracy and completeness.

Identity resolution, together with the necessary user consents, provides the foundation for personalised marketing in an ever-improving feedback loop. As your ID-Graph becomes richer you can make your marketing messages more relevant which increases your customers’ responses, in turn improving your ID-Graph.

Identity ResolutionPlatform:

Elevate Your Identity Strategy:

Teavaro’s Identity Resolution Sets the Industry Standard

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in ID-Graphing:

Teavaro transforms your approach to identity with a real-time deterministic 1st party ID-Graph. Our unique edge lies in crafting cross-domain ID graphs, leveraging Utiq’s network-signal and telecommunication company-specific network identification. The outcome? We unveil the identities of more “anonymous” website visitors than any other platform in the market.

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Peerless Accuracy in Customer

An ever-changing digital landscape means a constantly evolving identity graph. While many are satisfied with static, offline identity stitching, Teavaro leads the charge with real-time solutions. Beyond just profile merging, we bring to the table context switching and dynamic data quality mechanisms, ensuring your ID-Graph remains unparalleled in its accuracy and completeness.

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Building a Robust Corporate Asset:

Teavaro’s commitment extends beyond just offering a solution; we empower you to craft a first-party ID-Graph that stands as a genuine corporate asset. This ensures unparalleled control, especially in the critical realm of privacy. Unlike the generic third-party ID-Graphs that circulate industry-wide, with all their inherent concerns, your custom-built graph encapsulates value, integrity, and absolute data privacy.

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Effortless MarTech and AdTech Integration:

We recognize the complexities of the modern MarTech landscape. Teavaro’s Identity Resolution Platform promises a hassle-free integration into your existing ecosystem. Without the headaches of extensive migration projects, we fortify your MarTech and AdTech solutions by supplying them with meticulously resolved digital identities, supercharging their performance.

In a world of generic solutions, Teavaro stands out, heralding a revolution in identity resolution that’s both technologically superior and strategically on point.

Different types ID Classifications

ID Importing:

Seamlessly integrate your primary customer identifiers from CRM, lead management, or data warehouse systems into the ID-Graph. Our advanced capability ensures every piece of data, be it an email, mobile number, or residential address, undergoes rigorous identifier validation. Experience checks for format accuracy, external database validations for phone numbers or addresses, and precise matching against the Identity Graph. With our system, you’re not just importing data – you’re ensuring its accuracy, relevance, and integrity every step of the way.

ID-Graph Building:

Navigating the complex landscape of digital identification is effortless with the ID-Graph Builder. This powerful tool offers a comprehensive approach to identity resolution across browsers, apps, devices, and channels, ensuring a consistent view from the first anonymous interaction to loyal customer engagements. As soon as an anonymous user visits your site or app, a unique visitor profile is initialised and paired with a first-party cookie for seamless recognition on return visits. Beyond the basic recognition, our platform leverages four cutting-edge digital user identification methods: Login-identification, Self-identification, Click-identification, network signal and for telecom entities, Network Identification. Each method is meticulously designed to incrementally close identity gaps, ensuring a holistic understanding of every user’s journey.


Empower your multi-domain presence with IDConnect. Specifically designed for companies operating across multiple domains, this innovative tool bridges the identification gap, enabling businesses to ascertain if a visitor on one domain mirrors one from another domain. The result? A robust multi-domain ID-Graph that amplifies your insight into visitor behaviour. What sets ID Connect apart is its ability to carry digital identifications across domains. Once a visitor is identified on one domain, this recognition spans all your domains, eliminating redundant identification events. Leveraging advanced strategies from Utiq’s martechpass to cross-domain click identification, ID Connect provides a seamless, comprehensive visitor understanding.


ID-Graph Upkeeping:

As personal identifiers like emails, addresses, or phone numbers change, and as users switch between various devices, it’s paramount to ensure accurate and unique connections between users and their devices. The challenge heightens when, for instance, a device is shared momentarily. Without diligent upkeep, your ID-Graph might accumulate outdated or misleading identifiers.

Our solution introduces advanced capabilities such as “context switching” and “referencing.” Context switching empowers you to realign a device’s association from one user to another seamlessly. Meanwhile, referencing establishes links between profiles, illustrating specific relationships – like users connecting via the same Wi-Fi network.

By maintaining clarity and precision in your ID-Graph we ensure that you always have a consistent and accurate picture of your users.

Our solution introduces advanced capabilities such as “context switching” and “referencing.” Context switching empowers you to realign a device’s association from one user to another seamlessly. Meanwhile, referencing establishes links between profiles, illustrating specific relationships – like users connecting via the same Wi-Fi network.

By maintaining clarity and precision in your ID-Graph, we ensure that you always have a consistent and accurate picture of your users.

ID-Graph Housekeeping:

In the dynamic digital landscape, identifiers can quickly become outdated or irrelevant. Whether it’s due to a customer changing personal details, the deletion of first-party cookies, or short-lived cookie sessions in webviews, maintaining the integrity of your ID graph is essential. The ID Graph Housekeeper diligently monitors and cleans your digital identifications. Through regular housekeeping, our system automatically purges outdated profiles, associated devices, and identifiers, ensuring your ID graph remains accurate, efficient, and compliant.



For every page view, whether on web or app, our advanced info pipelines fetch and deliver ID-Graph information directly to your browser’s local storage in mere milliseconds reliably even on first-page load. This ultra-fast response time ensures seamless user experience, providing key-value pairs straight to the browser’s local storage. This rapid access to identity data empowers for example analytics and data capture systems, paving the way for tailored user experiences and deeper insights.

ID-Graph Exporting:

Optimising the value of your ID-Graph is paramount, and that means flexibility in how it integrates with your existing MarTech and AdTech infrastructure. With the ID Graph Exporter, you can effortlessly relay vital ID-Graph updates like profile merges via real-time API, ensuring that systems like your CDP or data lake can construct a holistic customer profile instantaneously. Alternatively, for platforms collating profiles from diverse sources, our exporter offers timed data exports of identifiers at both the profile and device levels. Choose the integration method that aligns with your system’s architecture, ensuring a streamlined and efficient data flow.


ID-Graph Reporting:

Dive into the comprehensive insights of your Identification Dashboard, designed to map the progression and value of your identity graph for effective profile building, activation, and attribution. At your fingertips, discover the digital footprint of your customers and leads — from the variety of identifiers they adopt to the range of devices they use. Beyond mere tracking, the dashboard enables a deep analysis of the efficacy of various identification methods. Leverage these insights to pinpoint areas for enhancement and drive the completeness of your graph to its full potential.

ID-Graph Analysis:

Dive deep into the heart of your digital identification processes. With every identification event meticulously logged and unified, you gain instant access to a real-time analytical overview. Our platform offers a detailed perspective, from individual event examination to comprehensive search capabilities using IDs, status codes, request types, or any captured field. Unearth insights into the digital identification of your customers, understand channels of identification and discover device types and counts. Harness the power of real-time data to refine and optimise your identification strategies.

ID-Graph Monitoring:

ID-Graph Monitoring:

Stay ahead of the curve with comprehensive insights into your ID-Graph’s development. Our platform empowers you with real-time analysis of time series data drawn directly from identification logs, ensuring your graph evolves just as you envision. Set tailored alerts based on your defined thresholds and effortlessly track pivotal KPIs over time. Delve into metrics like the percentage of new vs. repeat visitors, the proportion of customers browsing with integrated first-party data, and the average number of devices identified per customer. With our platform, you’re not just monitoring—you’re mastering your data landscape.

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