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The importance, benefits, and challenges of identity resolution.

Different approaches to create identity graphs.

How data protection laws and industry privacy initiatives affect identity resolution.

How identity resolution helps you with personalisation, media mix optimisation and attribution.

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Video Lessons

Identity Resolution Fundamentals

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What is identity

In this first video you will learn about Identity Resolution, the process of integrating identifiers across available touchpoints and devices with behavior’s, transaction and contextual information, into a cohesive and addressable consumer profile for marketing analysis, orchestration and delivery.

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Why is identity resolution complex?

Customer journeys involve multiple steps that makes it difficult to know who the customer is when different devices and touchpoints are used. In this lesson we will understand the complexity of Identity Resolution.

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What is the impact of third-party cookie deprecation?

Third-party cookie are gradually being phased-out. Brands and publishers need to find ways to replace them for digital advertising. Let us look at the in-depth comparison of the different kinds of cookies and how browsers handle them.

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What are the alternatives to third-party cookies?

In this video we will explain the different alternatives to third-party cookies, their advantages and limitations.

You will be taught how contextual targeting is based on the context of a specific page without identifying a user. 

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Are identity-based solutions an alternative to third-party cookies?

Following up, we will go deeper into the last of the alternatives to third-party cookies that we explored in the previous lesson, identity-based solutions, and the different methods that are currently in place to build them.

Identity Graphs

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How can you build an Identity Graph?

In this video we will understand how Identity Graphs are built and updated. You will understand about matching methods, specifically how deterministic matching and probabilistic matching behaves. Closing this lesson you will discover how to maintain an identity graph through profile merging, context switching and profile referencing.

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What determines the quality of an Identity Graph?

The quality of an Identity Graph (the capacity to correctly identify a person through that Identity Graph) depends on different factors that we will explore in the following lesson.

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What is a PII-based universal ID graph?

The matching of third-party cookies allowed targeted advertising on the internet. Without third party cookies the advertising industry needs to develop alternative solutions, like PII-based identity graphs, as we explain in the following lesson.

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What are network-based universal ID graphs?

 In this lesson we compare PII-based solutions with network-based universal ID graphs and the challenges they face.

You will understand the difference between mobile network traffic and mobile device traffic and the important role that network providers play.


Data Privacy & Identity Resolution

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How does Data Privacy legislation affect Identity Resolution?

Identity Resolution is essential for compliance with consumer privacy laws. These regulations are driving an expanded industry focus on data transparency and consumer consent with a view towards complying with new standards for the benefit of consumers, as well as marketers.

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What are the different approaches to Data Privacy in Identity Resolution?

In this lesson you will learn how the Big Tech players approach Data Privacy and why many Identity Resolution platform vendors need to adhere to advertising industry guidelines from institutions.

Benefits of Identity Resolution

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What are the benefits of Identity Resolution for personalized targeting?

In this lesson we will explore the benefits of Identity Resolution, which include, among others, like more relevant interactions and better experience for the users, and additional revenues and media wastage reduction, for companies.

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How does Identity Resolution support channel

Following up, we will understand how Identity Resolution supports cross-channel orchestration through frequency capping, audience overlap analysis and customer journey analysis.

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How does Identity Resolution help to assess the impact of marketing investments?

Campaign measurement is a crucial part of digital marketing as it shows how a campaign is performing in terms of its set objectives. Identity Resolution plays a key role on the assessment and measurement of campaigns, as we explain in the following lesson.