Trigger email marketing in your customer journey

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Trigger email marketing in your customer journey


The Essentials in Brief

  But what is triggered email marketing, and how does it differ from traditional email marketing?

Customer segmentation in email marketing through CRM with trigger email marketing

In traditional email marketing, mass emails are often sent to all customers, regardless of their individual interests and behaviors. Trigger email marketing, on the other hand, utilizes extensive data from Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and behavioral data from the web and apps to segment customers into different groups. This customer segmentation in email marketing with trigger email marketing allows for the precise targeting of emails to specific customer groups based on their behavior, interests, and past activities.

Behavior-based trigger email marketing and their application

A crucial difference lies in the use of behavior-based trigger email marketing . For example, a trigger email marketing can be activated when a customer abandons their shopping cart without completing a purchase. In this case, the customer automatically receives an email with additional information about the products in their cart. The trigger email marketing emails can contain personalized recommendations, upsell offers, and even price-sensitive information. The data is forwarded to an email system that processes the information and uses it for email personalization. 

Trigger email marketing results and KPI

The use of behavioral data and trigger email marketing leads to significantly more relevant results. The open and click-through rates of trigger email marketing messages are twice as high as those of classic campaigns without behavioral data or triggers. In addition, you can increase your email marketing conversion rate by up to 50% when compared to similar groups. This translates into higher revenue, as more customers convert into buyers.

The identity graph: Teavaro's solution for trigger email marketing

A crucial component for successfully implementing trigger email marketing is the identity graph. This enables the valid linking of email data with first-party data to create a comprehensive customer profile. Teavaro, an expert in this field, offers consultancy and solutions for implementing an identity graph. By enriching customer data with prospect data, companies can harness the full potential of triggers to send personalised emails and increase the customer lifetime value.

Advantages of trigger email marketing over traditional email marketing

The advantages of trigger email marketing over traditional email marketing are significant. Trigger email marketing not only achieve higher open and click-through rates but also lead to increased customer engagement and brand loyalty. These are long-term strategic goals that can be achieved through targeted, personalised emails.

Trigger email marketing use cases

The application of trigger email marketing should be tailored to the specific use case. Cart abandonment is a common use case for capturing customers at the beginning of the customer journey. However, the ultimate goal is to strengthen customer loyalty and increase the customer lifetime value. This requires ongoing analysis of customer interactions and adjustment of the email marketing strategy.

The current standard in trigger email marketing

The current standard in trigger email marketing primarily revolves around promoting discounts and offers. While discounts are important sales-promotion measures, they should not be the sole solution. Instead, companies should seek ways to create additional value for their customers by utilizing their resources and capacities wisely.

The significance of trigger email marketing for the Customer Journey

Trigger email marketing is of crucial importance for the customer journey as they align with various phases of the customer cycle. Data from the CRM system serves as the foundation to segment online visitors into relevant segments and send the right trigger messages at the right time. Many customers struggle to effectively utilize this data, which is why at Teavaro, we provide clarity with our identity resolution graph.

Overall, trigger email marketing has the potential to significantly enhance the effectiveness of email marketing. By using behavioral data, personalised trigger messages, and implementing an identity graph, companies can strengthen customer retention, boost conversion rates, and build long-term customer loyalty. Teavaro is available as a competent partner to assist businesses in implementing this innovative strategy.

Our mission is to truly connect people, brands and media

We believe a true connection is built on explicit consent and grows over time as it offers unique value to all. The resulting relationships will be the foundation for scalable people-based marketing by tailoring content and interactions to individual people, not segments. This makes two-way communication possible.

About the author:

Dirk Rohweder

COO & Co-Founder

Dirk has over 30 years of experience in management positions in IT, telecommunications, consumer goods and consulting, including as CIO of the Paulaner Brewery Group and T-Mobile (UK and Germany).

Since 2012 he has focused on customer data as a strategic asset and basis for omnichannel marketing, data-driven business models, data protection and marketing consent (GDPR).

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Our mission is to truly connect people, brands and medias

We believe that a true connection is built on explicit consent and grows over time as it provides unique value to all parties involved.

Today we are looking into the challenge of creating the single customer view and how this challenge is linked to identity resolution.

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