Efficient & Secure: Personalised Marketing with Teavaro & Utiq

Efficient & Secure: 

Personalised Marketing with Teavaro & Utiq

The most commonly stated falsehood in today’s world is: “I have read the terms and conditions and privacy policy”. It has become normal to accept data protection consents without actually reading or understanding them.  This is precisely where Utiq comes in to offer a solution. Utiq contains a Consent Management Platform (CMP) aimed at breaking this everyday automatism. With a transparent, user-friendly system, Utiq aims to ensure that users truly understand what they are consenting to. The goal is to empower users with control and understanding of their own data usage.

Utiq’s motto:
Decide for yourself about your Data

Utiq enables companies to manage user consent in a manner that complies with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and other data protection regulations by providing transparent and user-friendly ways of obtaining consent.

What does Teavaro have to do with this?

But the benefits of Utiq don’t stop there – it also enables efficient personalised marketing on the open internet despite the future phasing out of third-party cookies. Learn how Utiq works and how you can efficiently use it in combination with Teavaro’s Identity Resolution and Customer Engagement platform in our blog article.

Utilise Utiq & Teavaro efficiently for your Personalised Marketing – and ensure you’re on the safe side when it comes to “Data Protection”

¿What is Utiq and how does it work?

Utiq is an European Ad Tech company currently offering its services in Germany, France, and Spain and soon operative in U.K. and Italy. With great anticipation and supported by several major telecommunications providers (e.g., Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone, Telefónica, and Orange SA), Utiq provides what is known as the Authentic Consent Service for responsible digital marketing: giving people control over their privacy. Based on a network signal targeted content can be delivered without compromosing consumer privacy. 

Data protection is more than just compliance for us. It forms the core of our thinking, actions, and product development.

Connected partners include media companies and advertisers who have activated the Utiq Authentic Consent Service – what exactly this entails will be explained in the following section.

Granting Consents:

Utiq’s Authentic Consent Service

First, the user grants their consent to use Utiq’s Authentic Consent Service, enabling personalised marketing. Here’s how the process works:

Utiq Pop-Up for Transparent Consent

It all begins with a consent agreement that can be easily and clearly granted via a Utiq pop-up on relevant brand or media websites. In the Utiq pop-up (Consent Banner), the user also finds a detailed explanation of the purpose and function of the Utiq service. Official Partnerships Only: Utiq ensures that necessary contractual agreements are made with every partner who utilises the Authentic Consent Service.

Personalised Marketing with Teavaro & Utiq

Network Signal & Data Protection Assurance

Once a user has given their consent in the pop-up, Utiq retrieves a technical interface from the user’s network operator and requests a so-called Network Signal corresponding to that connection.

Privacy Protection Ensured: Utiq has no means to identify the user or other user data based on the Network Signal. No information about the Network Signal is passed on to involved partners or websites.

Generation of a Consentpass

Using the Network Signal, a consentpass (PASS = Person-Oriented Addressable Secure Signals) is created. This is linked to the Network Signal and represents a unique, random sequence of numbers and letters. The pass works in both browser and smartphone (cross-browser & cross-device). When a user has given consent, Utiq uses an API interface to the user’s network operator.

Supplement by Martechpass and Adtechpass

Utiq operates with two different secure marketing signals: Martechpass and Adtechpass. These provide an additional layer of security to protect the identity of customers. These signals are generated only when customers have given consent. They are time-limited and can be revoked at any time via the Consenthub.

  • The Martechpass is a consent pass that remains active on the website where consent was granted for 90 days. This pass serves marketing purposes, including website personalisation, analytics, and audience creation.
  • The Adtechpass is a dynamic pass enabling customised digital advertising and is only accessible for Utiq partner websites.

Only Essential Information Shared & Evaluated: Once customers have granted their consent, only the Martechpass and Adtechpass are shared with the respective partner website in a controlled manner to personalise your online experience.

Managing Consents:

Utiq’s Consenthub

Consenthub is the “heart” of Utiq or the corresponding portal for consents: a central, user-friendly privacy platform that gives customers control and freedom of choice over their privacy. In the Consenthub, customers can view a list of all participating companies to which they have granted their consent. There, users can centrally manage and also revoke various privacy consents.  However, the Consenthub is also an informative platform: customers can find all the important information to make informed decisions about which advertisers and publishers are allowed to use the service. 

Managing Consents: Utiq's Consenthub

Attention: currently, the Consenthub can only be accessed via mobile networks.

Utiq & Data Protection:

How are your Data protected?

Utiq adheres to the highest data protection and security standards, and only stores consents and passes. Utiq itself does not store any data about user behaviour or data that could directly reveal the user’s identity.

When a user gives consent, Utiq utilises an API interface to the user’s network operator, but it does not gain access to the user’s identification. Therefore, Utiq does not use your name, email address, or additional data from your network operator to provide the service.

Additionally, Utiq works closely with data protection authorities to offer customers the best possible consent solution to protect their privacy.

Voluntary Consent for the Utiq Service:

To enable customers to give informed consent, the Utiq service is inactive by default. The service is only activated when you give your consent on a participating website. The consent you provide is only valid for the use of Utiq on that specific website.

Utiq is the best solution for Personalised Marketing in the open internet

Why is Utiq so efficient for digital marketing on the open internet? To understand this, we first need to look at why personalised advertising on the open internet is challenging. This is due in part to the dominance of Walled Gardens and the phasing out of Third-Party Cookies.

Walled Gardens: These are closed advertising ecosystems in digital marketing, such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon, where the operator retains complete control over applications, content, and user data, heavily restricts external access, and denies external providers access to user data. Although users spend 2/3 of their time on the open internet and only 1/3 of their time in Walled Gardens, Walled Gardens generate the majority of advertising revenue – and some forecasts suggest that the share, currently around 67%, will further increase to 80% in the coming years.

Cookieless Future: In the face of growing privacy concerns and regulatory changes, Third-Party Cookies are increasingly being phased out, posing a challenge for marketers to identify users without them. The industry must transition to First-Party Data and Consent Management to strengthen privacy while still providing personalised user experiences. The search for new solutions in the realm of First-Party Data strategies for digital advertising has inspired the privacy-compliant Utiq system.

GDPR-Compliant Customer Data Capture in the Open Internet?

Utiq & Teavaro provide the solution!

Utiq is the answer to the quest for effective solutions for targeting & personalising users outside of Walled Gardens while preserving data privacy. It combines maximum reach with maximum data availability for optimal targeting results and cost efficiency.

By ensuring that humans, not bots, see the ads and limiting advertising across websites, Utiq helps marketers invest in reach rather than frequency. This prevents customers from repeatedly seeing the same ads.

How to effectively utilise Utiq in combination with Teavaro

A smart move for marketers is integrating Utiq banners on their own website. These banners are designed to obtain consent from your customers to use the Martechpass. This pass remains active on the website where consent was given for 90 days.

An even smarter move is leveraging this Martechpass in conjunction with Teavaro’s Identity Resolution platform. Why? Because the Martechpass opens up the opportunity to make Teavaro’s customer ID-Graph even more effective and refined.

By strategically using Utiq and Teavaro, you can not only capture your customers’ consent in a smart way but also use their data in a manner that significantly enhances your marketing strategies and customer engagement. We’ll show you how it works below:

Utiq & Teavaro Provide the Solution!

How to optimise your Teavaro ID-Graph with Utiq’s Martechpass

Teavaro’s ID-Graph enables a deeper and more precise connection between behavioural customer data (behavioural data) and customer master data. This means that advertisers can gain a more detailed understanding of their target audience based solely on First-Party Data and can place advertising even more effectively.

By integrating with Teavaro, retargeting becomes possible for users who have given their consent through Utiq. These users can then be reached more effectively through incorporation into the ID-Graph. This results in a more personalised approach and more effective marketing campaigns.

How to optimise Utiq’s Martechpass with Teavaro’s
ID-Graph for even more efficient Personalised Marketing:

  1. Recognise Users Even After Deleting Your Own First-Party Cookie. If someone visits your website and later returns, even after deleting their First-Party Cookies, you can recognise them within 90 days. This means you can send more targeted personalised messages or advertisements that are more likely to be opened and clicked because they are relevant to the user.
  2. Identify App Users on the Web and Vice Versa. Imagine someone uses your app on their phone and later visits your website on their computer. With Teavaro in combination with Utiq’s Martechpass, you can recognise that it’s the same person. This allows you to create consistent and seamless experiences across different platforms.
  3. Identify Users Across Multiple Owned Websites and Applications (cross-domain). If you operate multiple websites or apps, this combination of Teavaro and Utiq helps you identify users across all these platforms (cross-domain). This expands your understanding of how users interact with your entire offering.
  1. Deduplicate Visitors from Webviews of Social Media Apps. Sometimes people visit your website through a link in a social media app. Teavaro’s ID-Graph combined with Utiq’s Martechpass helps you recognise when visits come from the same person, even if they arrive through different social media webviews on your site. This helps you avoid duplicate records and get a clearer picture of your visitors.
  2. Deduplicate Users Who Use Multiple Browsers. Some people may use one browser on their phone and another on their computer. Again, it’s recognised whether it’s the same person. The user is deduplicated, so your analytics are not skewed. Deduplicate Users Who Use the Same SIM Card on Multiple Devices If someone uses the same SIM card in a tablet and a phone, these devices can be associated with the same person, avoiding duplication.
  3. Deduplicate Users Who Use the Same SIM Card on Multiple Devices. If someone uses the same SIM card in a tablet and a phone, these devices can be associated with the same person, avoiding duplication.

Expert Tip: By integrating the Martechpass into your own First-Party ID-Graph, companies can use their own First- Party Data to define segments for targeting or conduct retargeting or look-alike audience building. These audiences can then be activated through Teavaro’s Utiq Activator for participating DSPs in the programmatic ecosystem. Due to the deterministic identification process, a 100% match rate can be assumed.

Do you have questions about the interaction between Teavaro & Utiq?

Combining Teavaro & Utiq:

Success speaks for itself!

The innovative combination of Utiq & Teavaro enables personalised marketing on the open internet with data-compliant and contemporary consent management.

Through the innovation partnership between Utiq and Teavaro, Utiq customers can significantly enhance their marketing activities. In an era where personalised and data-compliant communication is becoming increasingly important, the combination of Utiq and Teavaro offers a powerful solution for marketers looking to advertise on the open internet. And the results speak for themselves.

Teavaro & Utiq: Both companies are committed to creating an open, trustworthy, and ad-funded digital world that promotes high-quality content and online services.

Combining Teavaro & Utiq:

Feel free to contact us!


About the author:

Dirk Rohweder

COO & Co-Founder

Dr. Dirk Rohweder, COO & Co-Founder, has over 30 years of experience in leadership positions in IT, telecommunications, consumer goods, and consulting, including as CIO of the Paulaner Brewery Group and T-Mobile (UK and Germany).
Since 2012, he has focused on customer data as a strategic asset and the basis for omnichannel marketing, data-driven business models, data protection, and consent for marketing activities (GDPR).

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